Garden Consultations

When you book a Garden Consultation, a Gifted Gardens consultant meets with you for 1½ hours at your home to:

  • ASSESS your garden’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • ANSWER your garden questions.
  • ADVISE you on actions you can take to enhance your garden’s beauty and function.

This is your opportunity to "pick the brains" of one of our expert garden designers as they focus their expertise on YOUR garden.

Garden Proposals

After your consultation, Gifted Gardens can put together an optional Garden Proposal document. This is a customized report created just for you by your Garden Consultant.

A Garden Proposal documents everything discussed during the consulation, including any recommendations made on-site. And there's more. The information covered in a proposal is expanded and augmented to include additional recommendations and ideas developed by your Garden Consultant after further (post-consultation) research and thought.

This report is available at an additional cost. If you are budget-conscious, you're welcome to skip the Garden Proposal and take your own notes during the consultation.

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