Interested in transforming your front or back yard into a beautiful, practical outdoor space that suits your lifestyle & adds value to your home? Gifted Gardens can help - our passion is to help you make more of your garden!

Who can Gifted Gardens help?

Anyone who could use some expert advice to help figure out what to do with their garden! Is that you? Find out more about the kind of people who are our clients.

What exactly does Gifted Gardens do?

We provide customized garden advice and planning services to homeowners in Sydney’s south and the Illawarra. To keep things simple, we offer two set-price services: Garden Consultations & Garden Proposals.

Which Gifted Gardens service is right for me?

A Garden Consultation is a necessary first step for all clients. Obtaining a Garden Proposal is an optional second step.

For many clients, a Garden Consultation provides all the help needed to get started improving or transforming their garden. Others find the additional advice and guidance provided in a Garden Proposal to be invaluable in finalizing their plans.

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